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Name: Sarah
Location: Chicago... for now.
Age and Status: 27 and married
How many children and their ages(names too, if you'd like to share): My son Xander is 4 and my daughter Piper is 9 months old.
Occupation (yes, stay at home mom or dad counts!): The kids keep me workin.
Favorite thing to do with your family in Washington: Well, we've never even been... yet!
feel free to add pics if you'd like, but please put them behind a cut.

That's the most recent one I have of all of us together, and it's from November!

So, Hi!  I'm currently living in Chicago (been here all my life) but am hoping to re-root in Washington within the next year. My sister just moved out there to attend Evergreen University and has just completely fallen in love with the area and some how convinced me and my mum to follow her even though neither of us has even been to Washington!  And yes,  I realize how odd that sounds, lol.  There's just nothing holding us here and from everything I've researched Washington seems like it'd be a great fit for my family. We like rain ;)

I'm hoping maybe you guys will be able to give me some pointers as we start this migration?  Like I said my sister is going to Evergreen so we'll probably be looking for housing around Olympia. Any things I should know about that area?Any towns to steer clear of? Any particularly great school districts out there? We'll probably be visiting in June or July to check some places out.

Hopefully you guys won't mind an outsider hanging out here. And thank you so much for any tips you guys might have!
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Doesn't sound weird at all! WA is an awesome place to live, but we generally to keep that on the 'hush hush' :)

I live in the South end of the Greater Seattle area, currently in NE Tacoma which is about 30-45 minutes North of Olympia. I really like where i live, around me I think Federal Way, Auburn or even Puyallup are all nice places. Not too sure yet about school districts as my lil guy is just almost 2. I plan to decide were we buy out next house based on the school district though - but I am a few years from making that decision.

You have a beautiful family, BTW
Awe, thank you so much! We were looking around Tacoma and the surrounding area, it seems the housing is very reasonable out there (although ALL of Washington has reasonable housing compared to the rent here. It's insane.) There were townhouses in Puyallup that looked pretty worth a visit (how do you pronounce Puyallup, btw? lol) Lacey seemed to be a common place that comes up in my searches. Oh, and Tumwater.
Tacoma area seems like where we'd be headed because I think I'm going to want to be close to Seattle, since I'm used to the big city feel, but not too far from my sister In Oly.

Thanks so much!
haha, I am terrible with the how to pronounce stuff, I will try though :P Poo-Yall-Up is how my bf says it (he was born and raised in WA) but I generally say it more like Pew-Al-Up. LOL I warned you, but give me an A for effort, Ok?! :D

The thing about Lacey, Tumwater & Orting (and Puyallup really too) is that they are in a huge valley, and I feel nervous everything I am in those areas because if Mt Rainer goes - you are toast! In fact, houses in those cities have to have extra home owners insurance due to the flood risk. But you are right, you can get a very nice house for not too much $$. Personally, I prefer Tacoma, because it is on higher ground - realistically we are all screwed if the Mt goes, but at least i might have more of a chase to run and hide?!?

If you are interested at all, these are my real estate agents: www.thesteppes.com you can set yourself up with email updates of available properties on their site...they specialize in the 'southend', but they can help you search anywhere, really.
Oh my gosh, volcanoes are NOT something I even factored in! Haha, I'm sort of neurotic about natural disasters it's so funny to me that I've never had a need until now, to think twice about a volcano! They seem so sci-fi to me. I will happily trade in thees tornadoes for it :)

I really appreciate the info, thanks again! I don't think we'll be buying right off the bat, but I will definitely book mark your real estate agent!
I"m from WA myself and I pronounce it like you do...you're boyfriend's wrong, so sayeth me :P BTW, the Indian tribe it's named after pronounce it like us too :)
Okay so, Poo-Yall-up? LOL, My sister and I have been trying to figure it out. she saw an advert for a car dealer there that said "Come to Puyallup for a great deal!" and it had a picture of a pile of cars, so we've been saying "Pile Up" LOL. We're used to the Algonquin and Illini tribe words out here. funny :)
welcome, sarah.

i'm in ne tacoma, too. i don't really know too much about the area as far as the things you're asking about, sorry!

Thank you for the welcome!
I used to live right outside Lacey/Olympia, small town called Yelm. I loved it, small enough to relax in, right smack inbetween two large cities when I wanted to be in civilization. I live in eastern WA now, but if I ever move back, that's where I'll be going back to :) (I went to school there too and loved it as well)
Cool, thank you. I'm hoping to have enough places to look at when we visit that I feel like I get a good feel for the areas. I'll put Yelm on the list. :) My husband and I are city people, but I want our kids to be able to have space to stretch out, ride bikes, get into some dirt!

This is so odd for me since I have helped several families relocate TO Chicago. Now I'm on the other end :)
We live in Graham, next city south of Puyallup. We liked it a lot out here, it is still quite cheap. We have also lived in Tacoma for awhile, but not the good part. Make sure if you do Tacoma you stay away from downtown, and Hill Top area's. Don't worry about Mt.Rainier if it blows I'm sure we all will have enough time to run, unless you are like that guy who wouldn't leave his house when St. Helen's blew!