Mighty Little Mom. (saribeth) wrote in wa_parents,
Mighty Little Mom.


Name: Sarah
Location: Chicago... for now.
Age and Status: 27 and married
How many children and their ages(names too, if you'd like to share): My son Xander is 4 and my daughter Piper is 9 months old.
Occupation (yes, stay at home mom or dad counts!): The kids keep me workin.
Favorite thing to do with your family in Washington: Well, we've never even been... yet!
feel free to add pics if you'd like, but please put them behind a cut.

That's the most recent one I have of all of us together, and it's from November!

So, Hi!  I'm currently living in Chicago (been here all my life) but am hoping to re-root in Washington within the next year. My sister just moved out there to attend Evergreen University and has just completely fallen in love with the area and some how convinced me and my mum to follow her even though neither of us has even been to Washington!  And yes,  I realize how odd that sounds, lol.  There's just nothing holding us here and from everything I've researched Washington seems like it'd be a great fit for my family. We like rain ;)

I'm hoping maybe you guys will be able to give me some pointers as we start this migration?  Like I said my sister is going to Evergreen so we'll probably be looking for housing around Olympia. Any things I should know about that area?Any towns to steer clear of? Any particularly great school districts out there? We'll probably be visiting in June or July to check some places out.

Hopefully you guys won't mind an outsider hanging out here. And thank you so much for any tips you guys might have!
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