melleecat (melleecat) wrote in wa_parents,

My Old Stomping ground

Hi everyone. This is my first post to this community. And true confession is that I don't live in Washington but my heart is there.
 I was born in Aberdeen (like Kurt Cobain) and I lived all over the state off and on until moving to Arizona in 1993.
 I graduated from High School in  Newport, Washington in 1983.
I met and married my husband at PLU in Parkland and had all of my kids in Tacoma at Tacoma General Hospital. We lived in Puyallup shortly before our third child was born. All of my relatives live there and when I read about Washington, my hear goes pitter-patter! 
 I have lived on both the Eastern and the Western side of the state. Most of my kin have/or do work for Boeing.
So I am in love with this community. Thanks for letting me gush here.
Oh, and I want to retire there after my stint in Arizona is through. Or at least have a summer home there.
My mom and sister live in Tacoma currently.
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